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Ampscent “Ampscent”

Ampsent is a duo of two artists who have been active on the Polish electronic scene for a long time – Jacek Doroszenko and Marcin Sipiora. The former creates both solo, recording experimental albums close to even contemporary music, and in the Mammoth Ulthana project with Rafał Kołacki, serving drone ambient. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, and also presents his audio and video works on the gallery circuit – and in various locations throughout Europe. The second artist has had both collaborations with Rafał Kołacki and Jacek Doroszenko. Now the full expression of this is Ampscent.

The music from the duo’s debut album flows from experiments with glitch aesthetics – hence the main element of the compositions here is sound glitch. Doroszenko and Sipiora are able to use it in a very creative way. The result is a variety of compositions, balancing from metallic IDM, to raspy dubstep, to jittery ambient. The main inspiration for both artists is the late achievements of Autechre. However, the Polish artists give these bent rhythms and tangled basses a heavily industrial tone, which is probably why they ended up in the Zoharum catalog.

by Paweł Gzyl

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