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Album release

Ampscent is currently looking for a genuine label to release the debut album. The production stage is completed. You can ask us for a demo, just click on the email below.

Key genres

industrial, noise, harsh electronics, ambient, experimental, techno

WTF is Ampscent?

Ampscent is a multidisciplinary duo currently focusing on using the contemporary electronic music landscape to select and redefine the notion of noise and malfunction as an undesirable factor. Their music is founded on cold but powerful, consistently thrilling tones and multilayered enduring tensions while remaining in a kind of remote territory.

The audible resonance which emerges is dejected and hovers toward alienation. The music works industrial and noise signatures into a more contemporary club connotation. As much as Ampscent utilizes equipment, its derangement and throttling struggle reveals an attempt to identify the act of listening as a potentially uncomfortable space. Catharsis is relief through breaking or being broken.