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Ampscent – Ampscent (Album – Zoharum – new experimental art)
Genre/Influences: Experimental, Industrial, IDM.
Format: Digital, CD.
Background/Info: This is the self-titled debut album of Polish duo Jacek Doroszenko & Marcin Sipiora aka Ampscent.


Content: The work features 6 tracks which are mainly reminding me of a true sound collage of noises and manipulated sounds. Quite progressively the work evolves towards more accessible fields becoming more Electronic and into minimalism with an IDM touch on top at the last cut.

+ + +  This work sounds like having been conceived to accompany a visual installment. It sounds like being part of a wider artistic creation. The main part of the album is pretty Experimental but both last cuts are definitely more accessible. You ‘ll discover the more elaborated and Electro driven work mixing minimalism and elements of IDM together. “Nothing But The World” even features a kind of vocal effect making it even more accessible.

– – –  The Experimental part sounds harder to catch.

Conclusion: I’m really wondering how this duo will evolve. The debut album is a bit versatile but clearly reveals a real potential at the ending part. Best songs: “Nothing But The World”, “Meta Scenery”, “Boiling Field”.

Rate: 7

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